Tangkoko Tomohon birding tour

Duration: 6 Night / 7 Days
Starting Point : Manado (North Sulawesi)
Ending Point : Manado (North Sulawesi)
Physical difficulty: moderate to difficult
Focus: birding/photography
Min. group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 12 persons
Available : 12
Price is included : Accommodation (share room, with max, 2 pax/ room) plus meals, transport during the trip (car,boat driver,gasoline) park entrance fee,local guide fee, and water mineral.
Price is not included : Personal expenses, and typing.

Sulawesi pitta

Pic you up in manado,hotel/airport and directly to tangkoko NP and stay there for 4Night and 2Night in Tomohon to see some endemic bird of sulawesi. Any bird you will be see it such us : Sulawesi Dwarf kingfisher, green backed kingfisher, lilac kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, red backed thrush, sulawesi scops owl, ochre bellied boobook, sulawesi nigtjar, sulawesi roller, knobbed hornbill, pale blue monarch and etc. and more over that, we can see also mammals,reptil and insect.
This tour is divided into two places, namely tangkoko as the representative of the lowland species and tomohon (G. mahawu) as the representative of the highland species. then we chose Tomohon as a complement. And Tomohon is not inferior either because it has special species not found in tangkoko, such as Sulawesi Myzomela, Sulawesi Blue Flycatcher, Sulfur Bellied Whistler, Touquoise Flycatcher Etc. And more specifically for lovers of Kingfisher, Tangkoko and Tomohon, they contributed 10 types of kingfisher, 5 of which were endemic to Sulawesi, namely Green backed kingfisher, Sulawesi lillac, Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher, Great billed kingfisher, And Scaly breassted kingfisher.


Scaly breasted Kingfisher
Great billed Kingfisher

Ruddy Kingfisher
Sulawesi lilac kingfisher
Sulawesi Malkoha
Mangrove trip - look for great bill kingfisher

Red Backed Trush
Knobbed Hornbill
Sulawesi Dwarf kinfisher
Green backed kingfisher
Short crested myna
Sulawesi goshawk
White face Cuckoo dove
Minahasa masked Owl
Ochre bellied boobook
sulawesi jungle flycatcher

Sulawesi scops Owl
sulawesi myzomela
Sulawesi Roller
Pale blue monarch


Anonymous said…
Nice tour with tangkoko wildlife tour,
Thank you for good sevice
Julian has an excellent knowledge in birdwatching and knows where and how to find the birds in the Tangkoko forest but also in other places in Sulawesi or West Papua. He has also knowledge about the the mammals and other animals. The days begin early morning to see the birds and there is also afternoon/evening sessions. The room was very simple but clean woth air con/wifi and the food was different and healthy at each lunch. He arranged the transfer to come and to the next destination or to the airport. I spent 2 full days and three nights plus a morning session and saw lot of endemic birds including different species of kingfishers,parrots and pigeons. It is worth to come there!

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