Birding to north Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is a birdwatcher's paradise, with over 380 species of birds, including many endemics. The island is home to a variety of habitats, from lowland rainforests to mangrove forests to mountain forests, which provide a variety of niches for birds to thrive.

Duration: 9 days
Starting Point: Manado (North Sulawesi)
Ending Point: Manado (North Sulawesi)
Physical difficulty: moderate to difficult
Focus: birding photograph
Min. group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 6 persons
Available : 6 Persons
If you are planning to go bird photography in North Sulawesi, here are a few tips:
  • Use the right equipment. A good camera with a telephoto lens is essential for bird photography. You may also want to consider using a tripod to steady your camera.
  • Be patient. Birds can be difficult to photograph. It takes time and patience to get the perfect shot.
  • Be respectful of the birds. Do not disturb the birds or their habitat.

Here are some of the best places to go bird photography in North Sulawesi:

  • Tangkoko National Park: This national park is home to a variety of endemic and endangered birds, including the Sulawesi crested macaque, and the tarsier (mammals/primate), Bear cus-cus (marsupial), insect, amphibians and reptiles
  • Tomohon, Mount mahawu : This place is representing highland bird,sulawesi mysomela,scaly breasted kingfisher,superb fruit dove,sulawesi blue flycather,sulawesi pitta Etc. and reptiles
  • Dumoga Bone National Park: This national park is home to a variety of birds, including the, the Sulawesi myna, and the maleo bird Etc.

With a little planning and effort, you can capture some stunning images of the birds of North Sulawesi.

sulawesi lillac
Side covered :

  1. Tangkoko Nature Reserve
Key bird; Knobbed hornbill,Sulawesi dwarf hornbill,green backed kingfisher,Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher,Sulawesi lilac kingfisher,great billed kingfisher,ruddy kingfisher,Sulawesi roller,Sulawesi malkoha,Sulawesi pygmy-woodpecker,ashy woodpecker,blue-backed parrot,Sulawesi hanging parrot,pygmy hanging parrot,minahasa racquet-tail,ornate lorikeet,white-necked myna,short crested myna, grosbeak myna, red-backed thrush,sahul pitta,Sulawesi bush-hen,barred rail,buff-banded rail,great eared nightjar,Sulawesi nightjar, Sulawesi scop owl, Ochre-bellied boobook, Minahasa masked owl, pale-blue monarch, Sulawesi serpent eagle, Sulawesi hawk eagle, black eagle,white-bellied fish-eagle, spot-tailed sparrowhawk, small sparrowhawk, vinous-brested sparrowhawk, Sulawesi goshawk, silver-tipped imperial pigeon, green imperial pigeon, black-naped fruit dove, Stephan dove, grey-cheeked green pigeon, white-face cuckoo dove, Sulawesi cuckoo dove, white-rumped cuckooshrike, pied-cuckooshrike, bay coucal, Sulawesi cicadabird, Sulawesi triller, tabon scrubfowl  Etc.
Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher

Great bill kingfisher

Green backed kingfisher

Sulawesi pitta

Knobb hornbill

2. Tomohon-mt. mahawu 
Key bird; Scaly kingfisher, speckled boobook, white-bellied imperial pigeon, superb-fruit dove, red-eared fruit dove, Sulawesi myzomela, crimson sunbird, yellow-sided flowerpecker, grey-sided flowerpecker, black-crowned white eye, mountain white-eye , mountain leaftoiler, Sulawesi jungle-flycatcher, turquoise warbling-flycatcher, sulphur-bellied whistler, citrine canary-flycatcher, Sulawesi brush cuckoo, little cuckoo dove, Sulawesi malkoha, Sulawesi pygmy woodpecker Etc.
Scaly breassted kingfisher 

Sulawesi myzomela

Superb fruit dove

3. Kotamobagu-tambun,tapakulintang,mt. Ambang
Key bird; Maleo, Sulawesi masked owl, cinnabar boobook, matinan warbling-flycatcher, sombre pigeon, purple-bearded bee-eater, malia, lesser myza, ivory-backed woodswallow, white-breasted woodswallow, short crested myna,sulawesi dwarf hornbill, cerulean cuukooshrike, little egret, javan pond heron,purple heron,intermediate egret, cattle egret, pied stilt Etc.

you need to know that on Mount Ambang it is more suitable for watching birds, not too good for bird photography, because the road is quite difficult to go through with a large camera, so sometimes we skip this place for guests don't like heavy terrain, or who are not strong enough to climb.

Macrocephalom Maleo (bird)

Purple bearded bee-eater

Sulawesi Short crested Myna

Dwarf Hornbill

Minaha racquat tail
Price is included : Accommodation (share room, max, 2 pax/ room) plus meals, transport during the trip (car,boat driver,gasoline) park entrance fee,local guide fee, and water mineral.
Price is not included : Personal expenses, and typing.


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