Saturday, March 16, 2019

Birding-photography to Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Pic you up in manado,hotel/airport and directly to tangkoko NR and stay there for 5D/4N to see some endemic bird of sulawesi. Any bird you will be see it such us : Sulawesi Dwarf kingfisher, green backed kingfisher, lilac kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, red backed thrush, sulawesi scops owl, ochre bellied boobook, sulawesi nigtjar, sulawesi roller, knobbed hornbill, pale blue monarch and etc. and more over that, we can see also mammals,reptil and insect.

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Starting Point : Manado (North Sulawesi)
Ending Point : Manado (North Sulawesi)
Physical difficulty: moderate to difficult
Focus: birding/photography
Min. group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 10 persons

Sulawesi Malkoha

Mangrove trip - look for great bill kingfisher

Lillac kingfisher

Sahul Pitta

Sulawesi Scop Owl

Red Backed Trush

Knobbed Hornbill

Sulawesi Dwarf kinfisher

Green backed kinfisher

Gey sided flowerpacker

Pale blue monarc

Short crested myna

Sulawesi goshawk

White face Cuckoo dove

Minahasa masked Owl
Green backed kingfisher
Sulawesi hawk eagle

Ochre bellied boobook

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