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Birding to sangihe island

Sangihe Islands Regency is a regency in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This regency originated from the division of Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency in 2002. The capital city of this regency is Tahuna. This district has an area of 736.98 km² and has a population of 139,262 people (2020). Sangihe Islands Regency is located between Sulawesi Island and Mindanao Island, (Philippines) and is on the lips of the Pacific Ocean. The district area includes 3 clusters, namely the Tatoareng Cluster, Sangihe Cluster and the Border Cluster, which have international water boundaries with the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines. Sangihe comes from the words Sang and Ihe. The capital city is located in Tahuna where the total number of islands in this archipelago is 105 islands with details; 79 uninhabited islands and 26 inhabited islands. Geographically, the Sangihe Islands Regency is located between 2° 4' 13” – 4° 44' 22” North Latitude and 125° 9' 28” - 125° 56' 57” East L

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