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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Package Tour

*Tangkoko Daily Tour

Departure from manado/airport directly to tangkoko nature reserve, about 2 hour drive by car, as for the animals we will see is : black macaque,spectral tarsier, bear cus-cus, and birds.

Tangkoko Daily Tour Price :
$ 110/Pax, min 2 Pax - single $ 160
(Eksklusif for Jan - March 19 )

Price is included : transport - pic you up and drop off -manado-hotel, airport (driver car -fuel), entrance fee, guide fee, and water mineral.

*Tangkoko Overnight tour - 2 days 1 night

Day 1. Pic you up in manado/airport drive to batuputih that the village near to tangkoko nature reserve to drop off your stuff in the home stay and waiting for afternoon trip to see small monkey in the world that spectral tarsier and black tarantula.

Day 2. Early morning trip, start at 6 to find it black crested macaque,bear cus-cus, and hornbill-kukang birds etc. after that we go back to home stay hv some breakfast and than packing the stuff preparing to heading back to bitung, tomohon or manado/airport.

Tangkoko Overnight tour price
$ 125/person ,min 2 pax - single $ 200
(Eksklusif for Jan - March 19)

Price is included : accommodation home stay + meals (breakfast,lunch,dinner), transport - driver (car- fuel), entrance fee,guide fee,water mineral + soft drink (1 bottle/person 600ml )

for more info contact us on : juliantures@gmail.com , or call/ WhatsApp  +62 85340167411 

*Tangkoko birding & photography - 5 days 4 night
Departure from Manado/airport About 2 hour driving to Tangkoko NR,and stay there juring the trip. we will stay at home stay/lodge + also including meals, So…you dont have to come back to manado or some where for stay and eat, just stay there and you will be have more time to do bird watching/photography, So… is not problem for you to stay longer. Tangkoko Nature reserve have many type of bird like in the picture below. So for sure your trip will be great and amazing.

*Sulawesi birding & Photography trip
Side covering : Tangkoko naturre resevre,tomohon,bogani,lore-lindu national park.

*Birding & photography trip to Halmahera - Maluku for 7 days

*Birding & Photography trip to Papua - Raja ampat, Manokwari, and Mt. Arfak for 10 days

For the cost-trip and more clearly contact us on
E-mail :juliantures@gmail.
WhatsApp : +62 85340167411

*Minahasa highland tour & Vuicano trek
Tomohon tradisional market, Acien grave (waruga), Japanese cave, Linow lake,Tondano lake, Minahasa wooden house, and etc 
Vulcano tour : Mt. Mahawu & Mt. Lokon   
White water rafting : Timbukar ( just for fan) 
Sawangan ( extrime)

*Sangihe Island Tour
Bird watching & wildlife photography
Vulcano trip : Mt. Mahengetang (under water), Mt. Awu.
Visit to several small  island with the wonder full veiw
Waterfull trip
Culinary trip
Diving & snorkeling

Awu vulcano (sangihe island)

Capital city of sangihe

Tarsier sangirensis


Transport arrangement services : Fuel car and boat

More info :
all the prices of each of these trips can you email to us, at : juliantures@gmail.com
or via WhatsApp +62 85340167411

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