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Tangkoko wildlife tourism is a local agent engaged in tourism that includes nature and culture tourism, therefore besides doing this work, we also instill a love of nature and culture, so that we feel compelled to help preserve nature in Indonesia especially Specialized in Tangkoko nature park, and culture Why are we so concerned with preserving nature and culture? Because for example forests, forests are the lungs of a world without barren world forests and no living creature can survive in it, along with a culture, we must defend it because culture is a world treasure inherited by our predecessors, therefore, we appreciate it. Some places were the target of our trip such as: Tangkoko -Bitung Nature Reserve, Tomohon-minahassa, kotamobaagu, Gorontalo, lindu lindu national park and sangihe island
The tour that we offer to you are as follows :
1) Tangkoko National Park- Birding trip & photography- Watching Mammals, reptiles, insects and photography
2) Tomohon (minahassa higtland tour)
- Birding in Mahawu (vulcano)- Hike Lokon vulcano- Visiting Tondano lake & Linow lake
- Visiting tradisional market,asian grave,cave,buddha temple and woden house

3) Kotamobagu
- Birding & photography in gunung ambang,tambun and duloduo

4) Gorontalo
- Watching,filming & photography Babirousa.

5) Palu - central sulawesi
- Birdwatching & photography in Lore - lindu national park
6) Sangihe Island
           - Birdwatching & photography, vulcano trip, diving and snorkeling.

more info contact us on : juliantures@gmail.com

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