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Tangkoko Tomohon Minahassa highland tour 2N 3D

  On this trip we offered trip to : Tangkoko Nature Park , Exploring the forest to see Endemic wildlife like Black macaque,Tarsier,Bear cus-cus,Hornbill Bird Etc. Book Here Black macaque Spectral Tarsier Bear cus-cus Knobb Hornbill Minahasa highland tour : is a trip to the mountainous region that includes several attractions as follows : after leaving minahasa tangkoko towards the first object is : waruga Located in Airmadidi is an ancient historic cemetery where Minahasan ancestors are buried and is a remnant of the megalithic age. Waruga (head stones) are unique square stones with holes in the middle and prism shaped lids. Japanese caves  Located on the hill along the roadside are Japanese tunnels dug during the Japanese occupation in World War Two. Largely used for storage purposes, they are an eerie reminder of a turbulent time in Indonesia’s history. Traditional market located in tomohon, Mahawu volcano Opposite Mt Lokon is its s

Tangkoko variety tour

Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve also known as Tangkoko-Batuangus Dua Saudara [3] is a nature reserve in the northern part of Sulawesi island of Indonesia , two hours drive from Manado . The reserve covers an area of 8,700 hectares and includes three mountains: Mount Tangkoko (1,109 meters), Mount Dua Saudara (1,361 meters) and Mount Batuangus (450 meters). [4] Flora and Fauna The most common trees in the lowland rainforest of the park are species of the Palaquium genus, Cananga odorata and Dracontomelon dao . [5] Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve protects at least 127 mammal, 233 bird and 104 reptile and amphibian species. Of these 79 mammal, 103 bird and 29 reptile and amphibian species are endemic to the island. [6] Threatened mammals include the Celebes crested macaque , of which about 5,500 remain on the island, [7] spectral tarsier , Sulawesi bear cuscus and Sulawesi dwarf cuscus . [2] Birds include the knobbed hornbill , Sulawesi hornbill and maleo . [8]