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Bitung ,north sulawesi

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Unknown said…
I am a 58 yo Biology teacher interested in visiting Sulawesi, Bali and maybe Lombok in July for 7-8 days. I am interested in wildlife but I am not able to do very strenuous activities. I am not very interested in water sports other than some light snorkeling. My primary interest is to visit Wallacea. Can you please give me some ideas and possible itineraries to look at as well as some cost estimates for a single occupancy. I would like an all inclusive package, perferably with a small group of adults. Please also tell me the level of activity required for the tours.
Unknown said…
Hello. I am interested in visiting Tangkoto in Early November. Are tours available then? How do I reserve?
Hi...yeah sure still available, for more info just contact me via
Or whatsApp +625340167411
Yeah sure i am available,just contact me on email :

Thanks julian

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