Sulawesi Reptiles photography trip

All this reptile you can find in north sulawesi, specially in Tangkoko nature reserve and surrounding Tomohon area. from manado airport is about 2 hour drive to Tangkoko Nature reserve and also from Tangkoko to Tomohon is about 2 and half hour. To find this animal is a bit difficult because its habitat is very sparse with humans so we need enough time to find it, usually we have to walk at night to look for it, and during the day we also walk through forest areas that are rarely passed by humans.

Broad banded pit viper (Ttopidolaemus-Laticinctus)

Broad banded pit viper (Ttopidolaemus-Laticinctus)

Broad banded pit viper (Ttopidolaemus-Laticinctus)

Pit viper (Tripidolaemus subannulatus)

ID pelase

Striped Bronzeback (Dendrepephis Caudolineatus)

Phyton Reticulatus
Phyton Reticulatus

No id

Gonyosoma Oxycephal

Brown tree snake

No Id yet Meybe boiga? 
Whip Snake (Ahaetulla Prasina

Draco (Gliding Lizard)

Draco (Gliding Lizard)

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