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Sulawesi, nicknamed "The Celebes," is a birdwatcher's paradise. This island in Indonesia is famous for its unique and endemic species, making it a dream destination for birders. Here's what makes Sulawesi so special for birding:

Endemic Extravaganza: Sulawesi boasts the highest percentage of endemic birds of any island in the world. Nearly 330 bird species call Sulawesi home, with an incredible 67 species found nowhere else on Earth! This means you'll have the chance to see birds unlike any you've ever seen before.

Diverse Habitats: From towering mountains and dense rainforests to lowland swamps and idyllic beaches, Sulawesi's varied habitats provide a haven for a wide variety of birds.

Here are some of the iconic birds you might spot while birding in Sulawesi:

Tarsius: Technically not a bird, but a fascinating Sulawesi endemic primate is the Tarsier. These tiny, wide-eyed creatures are nocturnal insectivores and are a real highlight of any Sulawesi trip.

Maleo: This large, flightless bird is another Sulawesi superstar. The Maleo is an obligate ground nester, meaning it relies on geothermal heat to incubate its eggs.

Knobby & Wrinkled Hornbills: Sulawesi is home to several colorful hornbill species, including the Red-knobbed Hornbill and the Writhed-Hornbill. Keep an eye out for these giants of the rainforest canopy.

Sulawesi Babblers: These secretive birds come in a variety of colors and forms, and their melodious calls are a common sound in the Sulawesi forests.

And Many More: From shrikes and owls to kingfishers and parrots, Sulawesi's avian diversity is staggering.

Tips for Birding in Sulawesi:

The Dry Season is Best: The dry season (April to October) is generally considered the prime time for birding in Sulawesi. Less rain and thinner foliage make spotting birds easier.

Think Location: Different areas of Sulawesi offer unique birding experiences. Tangkoko Nature Reserve is a great choice for lowland birds, while Mount Mahawu and Lore Lindu National Park are excellent for spotting montane species.

Local Birding Guides: A knowledgeable local guide can be a valuable asset on your birding trip. They'll be familiar with the best birding spots and can help you identify the birds you see.

Gear Up: Pack binoculars with good zoom for distant viewing and a camera with a telephoto lens to capture those special bird sightings.

Patience & Respect: Birds are most active at dawn and dusk. Be patient and practice quiet observation, and remember to stay on designated trails and avoid disturbing the environment.

With careful planning and a little luck, your Sulawesi birding adventure will be an unforgettable experience!


Duration: 15 days
Starting city: Manado (North Sulawesi)
Ending city : Jakarta,bali or return to manado
Physical difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Focus: Birding and photography
Bird Photography: is the best, special the Sulawesi bird endemic
Walking condition: the walking ranges from easy to moderate
Type of Land Transport & Road: We will use minibus or cars. Road is some part in good condition and some part in bad condition. While for mangrove boat trip we will use small boat.
Accommodation: Some place we use very basic accommodation and no internet ( In lorelindu national park) in Tomohon, kotamobagu – (domoga tambun) will be stay at the hotel with complete with pasillity and in Tangkoko park we will be staying in Tangkoko hill resort with consists of several bungalows and rooms equipped Aircondition,Hot water shower,have Mosquito net if you needed and free internet access WIFI.
Min group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 5-8 persons

Birding side/spot covered :

  • Tangkoko Nature park (taman wisata alam batuputih)
  • Tomohon-mt.mahawu
  • Dumoga-tambun,toraut
  • Lore-lindu national park 

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Minahasa masked owl

Purple bearded bee-eater

Sulawesi dwarf hornbill

Sulawesi scops owl

Ochre bellied boobook

Sulawesi hawk eagle

Green backed kingfisher

Sulawesi hanging parrot

Scaly breated kingfisher

Sulawesi nightjar

Rusty breasted thrush

piping crow

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