Halmahera Birding tour

Ternate Halmahera birding tour.
Halmahera has spectacular endemic birds species such as Wallacs's Standardwing, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Moluccan pitta, Paradise crow, Moluccan Owlet Nightjar, Fruit Doves and some impressive selection of the Kingfishers. Etc

Duration: 5 days
Starting Point: Ternate (Halmahera)
Ending Point: Ternate (Halmahera)
Physical difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Focus: Birding
Bird Photography: is the best, Halmahera bird endemic
Walking condition: From easy to moderate.
Type of Land Transport & Road: Minibus or cars. Road is some part in good condition and some part in bad condition. Speedboat
Accommodation: Stay at the Standard Hotel
Min group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 6 persons

Halmahera, also known as Jilolo, is a birdwatcher's paradise! This island, the largest in the North Moluccas, boasts incredible avian diversity with over 327 species recorded. Here's what makes Halmahera a birding hotspot:

Endemic birds:The island is a haven for endemic species, meaning birds found nowhere else on earth. Birding superstars include the spectacular Wallace's Standardwing, a stunning Bird-of-Paradise, and the Ivory-breasted Pitta, a colorful ground bird.

Unique habitats: From rainforests and mountains to lowlands and mangroves, Halmahera's varied habitats provide a haven for a wide range of birds.

Here are some of the birds you might spot while birding in Halmahera:

Birds-of-Paradise:The aforementioned Wallace's Standardwing is a major draw, but keep an eye out for other birds-of-paradise like the Paradise Crow.

Kingfishers: Halmahera offers a dazzling array of kingfishers, including the Blue-and-white Kingfisher, the Common Paradise Kingfisher, and the Sombre Kingfisher.

Pigeons and Doves: The Scarlet-breasted Fruit Dove and other colorful pigeons and doves grace the island's forests.

Parrots: Moluccan King Parrots and Chattering Lorys add a splash of color to the Halmahera avifauna.

Other birds: Hornbills, owls, raptors, and a variety of songbirds also call Halmahera home.

Tips for birding in Halmahera:

Consider the season: The dry season (April to October) is generally better for birding. Less rain and thinner foliage make spotting birds easier.

Location matters: Different areas offer different birding experiences. The sidangoli and aketajawe park Rainforest area is known for its lek (display ground) of Wallace's Standardwings,pitta and kingfisher, while the uni uni hill dominates the high altitude birds.

Guide recommendation: A local birding guide can be extremely helpful. Their knowledge of the island's birds and birding hotspots will greatly enhance your experience.

Gear Up: Pack binoculars with good zoom for distant viewing and a camera with a telephoto lens to capture those special bird sightings.

Be patient and respectful: Birds are most active at dawn and dusk. Practice patience and quiet observation, and remember to stay on designated trails and avoid disturbing the environment.

With its rich birding potential, Halmahera promises an unforgettable experience for any bird enthusiast. Happy birding!

Itinerary :

Day 1: Ternate – Halmahera 
Meeting point in hotel/airport around Ternate and from there we take a speed boat to Sofifi or sidangoli on Halmahera and after or before check-in at the hotel, if time permited we birding for Common Paradise Kingfisher and Ivory-breasted Pitta. Accommodation at Royal mix residence(**) in Sofifi.

Day 2 :Fullday Birding in Sidanggoli
leave the Hotel at 5 AM, from the hotel to the birding site about 45 minutes driving.we can take breakfast during see the bird.  Our birds target are: Common paradise kingfisher, Sombre kingfisher, Blue and white kingfisher, Ivory-breasted Pitta,north moluccan pitta, Blyt’h Hornbill, Goliatcoucal, Golden bulbul,lunch lokal restourant in sidangoli. Night at Royal mix resident(**) in Sofifi.or we can drive to Aketajawe park and stay in homestay near the park.

Day 3 :Aketajawe-lolobata NP – Subaim
Early morning start 2 am to get the park in Aketajawe NP for one of the display trees of the rare and magnificent bird of Wallace’s standardwing (the activity around 6-7 only after that cant see), Variable dwarf Kingfisher, Azure Kingfisher, Blue and White Kingfisher, Sombre Kingfisher, Paradise crow, Long billed Crow, Blyths Hornbill. Lunch at local restaurant and after lunch we should drive to Subaim for overnight stay.in the night we try to spot halmahera boobook,and moluccan owlet nightjar.

Day 4 :subaim – Sofifi – Ternate
Early morning we check out from subaim and birding in gunung roni just in road side on the way back to sofifi-ternate.Around noon we are in sofifi and we catch the speedboat back Ternate for overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel and then we transfer by car to ternate airport for next destination. End of the trip.

Or continue for nex trip, because on this trip is it will be better and more intest for you to continue trip to sulawesi or west papua.

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Wallace's Standardwing

Sombre Kingfisher

Moluccan dwarf kingfisher
Blue and white Kingfisher

Sombre Kingfisher

Ivory breated pitta

North moluccan pitta

Moluccan owlet-nightjar


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