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Sangihe Islands Regency is a regency in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This regency originated from the division of Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency in 2002. The capital city of this regency is Tahuna. This district has an area of 736.98 km² and has a population of 139,262 people (2020).

Sangihe Islands Regency is located between Sulawesi Island and Mindanao Island, (Philippines) and is on the lips of the Pacific Ocean. The district area includes 3 clusters, namely the Tatoareng Cluster, Sangihe Cluster and the Border Cluster, which have international water boundaries with the province of Davao del Sur, Philippines.

Sangihe comes from the words Sang and Ihe. The capital city is located in Tahuna where the total number of islands in this archipelago is 105 islands with details; 79 uninhabited islands and 26 inhabited islands. Geographically, the Sangihe Islands Regency is located between 2° 4' 13” – 4° 44' 22” North Latitude and 125° 9' 28” - 125° 56' 57” East Longitude and its position is between Sitaro Islands Regency and Mindanao Island (Philippines).

In 2002, the Sangihe Islands Regency was expanded (at that time it was still the Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency) into 2 Regencies based on Law Number 8 of 2002, namely the Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency, and the Talaud Islands Regency. The division was again carried out in the Parent Regency (Sangihe and Talaud Regencies) into Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency, and the Siau Islands Regency Tagulandang Biaro (SITARO) in 2007 in accordance with Law Number 15 of 2007 dated 2 January 2007. The inauguration was held on 23 May 2007 2007 in the Mapaluse Room, North Sulawesi Governor's Office as well as the Inauguration of the PPS Regent of the Siau Islands Regency, Tagulandang Biaro, Drs. Idrus Mokodompit. In 2014, the Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency underwent a name change to Sangihe Islands Regency through Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 59 of 2014 concerning the Change of Name of Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency to Sangihe Islands Regency in North Sulawesi Province.

Tourism :

Among the many volcanoes there are two mountains that are in fairly shallow waters. One of them is on Mahengetang Island, Sangihe Islands, North Sulawesi. Banua Wuhu, as local people call the mountain, is only 300 meters from the southwest side of Mahengetang Island. The point of the mountain ridge is marked by the release of bubbles between the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. The average water temperature there is 37-38 degrees Celsius. In some holes, hot water came out that seemed capable of scalding bare hands if you tried to reach into them. The life of marine life is no less interesting, colonies of coral reefs are dense and healthy spread out at a depth of 10 to 20 meters.

It is said that there is an underwater tunnel that goes through both directions. The local community holds a Tulude ceremony at the end of every January. Two weeks before the ritual, a traditional elder would dive with a white plate filled with gold into the hall as an offering so that Banua Wuhu would not be angry. In addition to Mahangetang Island, there are also exotic beach tours in Pananualeng village, Central Tabukan sub-district. People often call it white sand beach.

Kadadima Waterfall is also one of two waterfall attractions located in Laine village, South Manganitu sub-district. Kadadima waterfall enters Laine village area, it can be reached by land vehicle from Tahuna for about 2 hours and from Pananaru Ferry Port for about 25 minutes, while from Laine village heading east for about 45 minutes on foot. In addition to the Kadadima waterfall, there is also the equally interesting Nguralawo Waterfall, which is located in Binala Village, Tamako sub-district. This waterfall is 6 km from the center of Tamako City. According to legend, it is called Nguralawo because in ancient times this waterfall was a bathing place for the angels (princess of heaven). 

At this time we are tangkoko wildlife tour focus on organizing tours such as bird watching, wildlife tours and holidays. And also we can extend the bird watching tour to other islands such as Talaud and Siau islands.

Sangihe key birds : Sangihe hanging parrot,sangihe lillac kingfisher, sangihe whistler,sangihe bulbul,sangihe scops awl, elegant imperial pigeon, elegant sumbird, hooded pitta, cerulean paradise flycatcher. 

Talaud key birds : Talaud pitta,Everett's white aye,Asian koel,Rufous paradise flycatcher,Grey imperial pigeon,Talaud rail,pale-vented bush-hen,Talaud bush-hen,Broun shrike,Red and blue lory,Blue naped parrot,Talaud kingfisher. 


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sangihe lillac kingfisher
Hooded pitta

Elegant Pitta

Siau Pitta/ Sulawesi pitta

Awu crater

Tahuna Town

Tarsius Sangerensis


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