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Tangkoko Nature Park is a nature reserve located on the northeastern tip of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is home to a variety of unique and endangered wildlife, including the tarsier, a tiny primate with huge eyes.
Tangkoko daily tour...Departure from manado,tomohon,bitung hotel,the port/airport directly to tangkoko nature park  to see nature wildlife in north sulawesi, As for the animals to be seen is : Sulawesi black macaque, small monkey tarsius tarsier, bear cus-cus the marsupial,Hornbill, birds and Etc.


Approximately around 12 AM, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to Batu Putih Village in Bitung Regency. You will drive approximately 2 hours and you will be stop at Waruga in Airmadidi Village. Waruga is the old stone grave of Minahasan People. (If you interes, if not you can skip)

Arrive in Batu Putih bawah, transfer to Local Restaurant where you will have lunch. After lunch, you can have free program relax in the beach or can go directly in to the forest. The trek is typically around 3-4 hours long and covers a variety of habitats, including lowland rainforest and coastal area.

At 2-3 PM, we will be start walking inside the Tangkoko Nature Park. The main target of animals for this trip would be Black Macaque, Tarsier Spectrum, Cus Cus Bear, and the famous Sulawesi Red-Knobbed Hornbill. Tangkoko National Park is the home for many other endemic birds. So your guide will show you as well once spotted on-sight. The trip will be ended approximately 6 PM where you will be transfer back to your Hotel in Bitung, Manado or tomohon.

  • Before arriving at the Nature park, put mosquito repellent on the body, especially on the feet before wearing socks, to anticipate insect bites, using long pants and shoes.
  • Don't forget to bring a flashlight and enough drinking water 

starting point : manado,tomohon,bitung
ending point : manado,tomohon,bitung
pick you up : 11-12 am
End time : 5-6 pm  

 Tangkoko daily tour Price  : 
USD $ 105/person, min 2 pax - Single USD $ 150
(Eksklusif from jan -  Dec 24)

Price is included : Transport-pick you up and drop off-manado,tomohon/hotel and airport, entrance fee,guide fee + mineral water (2 bottle 600ml/person).
Spectral Tarsier
Black chested macaque
Knobbed Hornbill
Bear Cus-cus

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WhatsApp : +62 85394086767
Phone call : 085394086767


Unknown said…
Great Guide tour Julian mendome and Amazing wildlife find in Tangkoko np.
Roberta Altavilla said…
Amazing experience! Thanks to Julian and our professional guide!
Anonymous said…
Thank you
Anonymous said…
Thank you guys

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