Sulawesi Mammals,Primate,Birds photography Trip

Sulawesi has various types of endangered species such us : Tarsier,Macaque,Bairusa,Cus-cus bear, and so many endemic species of birds.

Side covering:
1.Tangkoko nature reserve (north sulawesi) : Black macaque,Spectral tarsier,Cus-cus bear, and Birds
2.Nantu forest (gorontalo): Babirousa, Heky macaque
3.Sangihe island : Trasier sangerensis and birds
4.Siau island : Tarsier tumpara and birds

Duration : 15 days
Starting city : Manado
Ending city :Gorontalo
Phycical difficulty : Moderate to difficult
Focus : Watch and photography
Walking condition: Easy to moderate
Transport & road : we use a mini bus or cars. the road is some part in good but some part is not good condition.
Accommodation :Some place we stay at the hotel,cottage and some place we stay at the local ranger hause with very basic room.

Spectral Tarsier

Black macaque
Bear cus-cus (Marcuphial)

Knobbed Hornbill
Maleo Bird
sulawesi dwarf hornbill

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