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Tangkoko wildlife tour is a local agent working in the field of tourism which covers travel outdoors and culture, therefore in addition we carry out this work, we also have to instill a love of nature and culture, so that we feel compelled to help preserve nature and culture , Why are we so concerned with the preservation of nature and culture? Because for example forests, forests are the lungs of the world without the world's forests is barren and there is no living creature can survive in it, along with a culture, we have to defend it because culture is a world treasure inherited by our predecessors, therefore, we appreciate it. Some places are being targeted our travel such as: Tangkoko nature reserve -Bitung, Tomohon-minahassa, kotamobaagu, Gorontalo, lore lindu national park,halmahera,west papua-raja ampat and sangihe-island

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sulawesi Wildlife

Sahul Pitta
Minahassa Masked Owl
Dwarf Kingfisher

Macaca Nigra


Great billed kingfisher

Knobbed Hornbill


tarsius tarsier

bear cus-cus (marsupial)

Ochre bellied Boobook
red backed trush

sulawesi dwarf hornbill

 knoobed hornbill

sulawesi scops owl

sulawesi pit viper
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