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Expect more than 100 species of birds Sulawesi has relatively poor bird diversity, approximately 120 species less than on smaller islands such as Java Island. However, Sulawesi is one of the important conservation areas in Indonesia because it supports a high level of bird endemicity. It is recorded that 12 bird genera are endemic to Sulawesi. Duration: 15 days Starting city: Manado (North Sulawesi) Ending city : Jakarta,bali or return to manado Physical difficulty: Moderate to difficult Focus: Birding and photography Bird Photography: is the best, special the Sulawesi bird endemic Walking condition: the walking ranges from easy to moderate Type of Land Transport & Road: We will use minibus or cars. Road is some part in good condition and some part in bad condition. While for mangrove boat trip we will use small boat. Accommodation: Some place we use very basic accommodation and no internet ( In lorelindu national park) in Tomohon, kotamobagu – (domoga tambun)

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