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Halmahera Birding trip

Halmahera has spectacular endemic birds species such as Wallacs's Standardwing, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Moluccan pitta, Paradise crow, Moluccan Owlet Nightjar, Fruit Doves and some impressive selection of the Kingfishers. Etc Duration: 5 days Starting Point: Ternate (Halmahera) Ending Point: Ternate (Halmahera) Physical difficulty: Moderate to difficult Focus: Birding Bird Photography: is the best, Halmahera bird endemic Walking condition: From easy to moderate. Type of Land Transport & Road: Minibus or cars. Road is some part in good condition and some part in bad condition. Speedboat Accommodation: Stay at the Standard Hotel Min group size: 2 persons Max group size: 6 persons   Itinerary : Day 1: Ternate – Halmahera   Meeting point in hotel/airport around Ternate and from there we take a speed boat to Sofifi on Halmahera and after check-in at the hotel and if time permited we birding for Common Paradise Kingfisher and Ivory-breasted Pitta. A

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